Bethesda United Methodist Church

315 Old Haw Creek Road                     Asheville, N.C  2880


Pastor: Karen Doucette


Worship Service 10:00am

Sunday School 11:00am

January 2016



A small group of us joined together to ‘ring in’ Christmas!  At 2:00, we each had a chance to give the bells a good, long and sweet ring.  We celebrated the goodness of Jesus coming, Christ’s presence with us now and the celebration of Christ’s coming again.  There was nothing like taking a pause out of the day to proclaim to others the realness of Christmas Joy.


Over the next year, I hope you find yourself taking a pause out of each day to proclaim the realness of Christmas joy.  Be free to let this joy overtake each of you in a unique and creative way so that Christ is glorified and found by others! Let it flow out like a spring river --even in the midst of the winter chill!  


Let the joy of Jesus be made real and ‘ring out’ the wonder of love and friendship.